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Recently we have opened a locksmith delegation in Ibiza. The reason is simple, we want to serve the entire Balearic area.

The population in Ibiza increases dramatically during summer period and generates an impressive diversity of inhabitants in the island due to tourism. This mass of people who are mostly on holiday is prone to theft or misplaced of keys and multiplies the number of robbery crimes.

As expert in home security we have settled in Ibiza in order to offer a fast and high-quality service in the island.

Full service of locksmiths in Ibiza.


As commented before, in Ibiza we have a special situation during summer, and this also generates that the demand of locksmith services is special. Many more openings are generally required for forgetfulness, loss or theft during the summer season (tourist customers) and an increase of security during winter season (local customers).

The most frequent services on the island of Ibiza are:


The door-opening service is the most demanded in Ibiza, mainly due to misplace the keys or left the keys inside the house. In summer however, it considerably increases the wallet thief, which makes this, the main reason to need to hire our locksmiths to open the door.

Our opening service in Ibiza, as in the other populations of the Balearic Islands, is followed by strict standards of quality and always with the 24 hours emergency service available so the client should not wait more than the necessary.

With the door-opening service, both conventional and emergencies, the customer can have a previous quotation and know the exact cost of the intervention without having to pay for it.

And if it is necessary, for a key theft with documentation, our locksmiths have material enough to do a lock change or additional bolt installation to ensure the safety of the house. We always work with the best brands in the locksmith industry.


Due to the number of existing shops in Ibiza, one of the main services we provide on the island is the installation or repair of motors in doors and blinds.

However, at domestic level, one of the most frequent demanded services is the automation of home blinds, as the cost is lower than it may seem initially and improved in comfort. In addition, the new systems are automated, and it is possible to program opening and closing times and even to raise and lower the blinds in remote from a mobile application when, for example, we see that it is going to start raining.

We automate and motorize blinds but also doors and windows.


In addition to the commented services, we also carry out services such as changing locks for safety improvement, installation or repair of metal and PVC blinds, safe opening, master keys for farmhouses or maintenance services.

Call now and tell us what your problem is. We will put you in professional hands who will be able to provide you with the best solution.


The island of Ibiza has an Antonio Coll Locksmiths delegation due to the high demand of services, especially during the summer season. Our technicians operate from Sant Antoni de Portmany and move to any part of the island in a short time.

Our locksmith services in Ibiza are carried out by a professional technician with more than 15 years of experience in the sector. As in the rest of the areas, we always seek to offer superior quality of service and, above all, affordable prices so you do not pay more than necessary.

So that we can attend you in Ibiza, the same way as our locksmiths of Mallorca do, contact us in our 24hour customer phone number. There we will attend you at any time, 365 days of the year, always prioritizing your needs.