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Installation and repair of metal shutters

The sector of the metal shutters is very complex, we can find services of all kinds and in all type of shutter, therefore it is necessary that the locksmith in charge of the service is perfectly trained to start working with them because a metal shutter has many parts, lifting systems, motors...

The services we provide in Mallorca related to metal shutters are the opening, motoring, repair and installation of these. We work with all kinds of shutters, grating, slats, complete, doors, etc. All professionally treated and guaranteeing perfect results. We are going explain any kind of job so you can know the details and how to identify what you need.

Shutter motors

Installing a motor in metal shutter is a complex process and a hard work, but that makes things much easier for the client. It will go from lifting them manually, making physical efforts, to do it by pressing a button. In this type of services, we can find two types:

  • Motor installation: The cheapest option. The job consists in replace the old manual system to continue with the motor one that will lift and lower completely automatic.
  • Replace the whole shutter: This option, more expensive but with better result, is used when the installed blind is already old, or the system does not allow us a normal motorization. It consists of removing the old shutter, and then installing a new one, with an engine system already adapted to it.

Among the motorized shutters that can be found in the market, two systems stand out, the activation by switch and by remote control. The first option is a small switch placed in the arch of the door, from which we can go up and down. On the other hand, the remote control allows us to perform the same action but from any place, ideal for business shutters, facilitating the task.

Also, we carry out these tasks in garage doors of all types, folding, rolling, sheeting... We always work with top brands, so they last for years and offer the best performance.

Domestic shutters

The same systems that we discussed before serve also for domestic shutters, being smaller but same process, with a top drum hidden in a drawer in the ceiling, can be motorized by switch or remote control, we can control all the blinds of our house.

One of the advantages of home shutter changing is that the new system includes insulation. It guarantees that air will not enter through the hole of the tape, being able to choose between Æb to raise and lower them.

We also make repairs of broken or stuck shutters, adjusting the slats to leave them as new, or replacing them with by new shutters.

A team of locksmiths with extensive experience in installation, repair and automation of all kinds of shutters.

Metal blinds in Mallorca

In our professional team of locksmiths in Mallorca we have two locksmiths’ experts in repair, installation and motorization of blinds of all kinds, both metal blind business and domestic blinds, with more than 15 years of experience, knowing all the systems currently in the market.

We are committed to make a personalized quotation with no cost at all, so you can get an idea of the service cost, just call to our 24 hours phone number and we will be delighted to inform you.


In Antonio Coll Locksmiths have a complete team of professional technicians based in different areas of the island of Majorca in order to respond quickly to emergency services.