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A large part of our job is to always go and see our emergency clients as fast as possible. That is why we need to be based close to our client and so in Antonio Coll Locksmiths we have distributed our technicians to Mallorca in a balanced way, so we have the entire island covered. And of course, we have a locksmith delegation in Inca.

In this way, Inca is a key town. Given its situation on the island, we can cover the city itself and reach the nearby towns in an easy and fast way.

Servicios profesionales de cerrajería en Inca.


Our Inca-based locksmith has more than 15 years of experience and in this case, apart from the common services, offers other specialized services such as vehicles opening and safes opening. Following this, we want to explain the locksmith services we do in Inca and surrounding towns.


Door openings are, as in all other towns, the most demanded service to a locksmith. Above all, the door openings by carelessness. It is nothing strange, given the level of stress that we accumulate nowadays, you could be locked out of your property easily. In order to be able to solve these problems, we are always available to attend emergency services.

To deal with this service, we work with top quality tools and materials so we can open a door without damaging the nearby elements, such as the frame or the lock itself.

Besides, to be able to secure more your home, we offer you change your lock for a better one, making it more difficult to the thieves because this type of locks has protection against almost all the robbery techniques existing today.


Not all locksmiths know how to open blocked vehicles. It takes a lot of preparation and experience, as each car is different, each has a type of lock, a special security... But you can open all kind of cars if you know the way.

To be able to open your car if you have forgotten or lost the keys, you need to tell us the brand, model and year of manufacture because the lock itself and the lock systems vary from one year of manufacturing to another. Once we know this, we just need to prepare the right tool and get on our way. The car opening can be done quickly and, if the vehicle in question permits, with no damage.


Safes are the most complicated element to dealing with in the locksmith industry. A safe is designed exclusively to avoid what we normally do; open them. With this in mind, we must understand that opening a safe and leaving it fully operative is almost an utopia because the blocking is almost complete when the key or combination code is not available.

Depending on the model of the box, the type of lock and the material, they open in one way or another, so we need to have all the information we can before we do the work.


As a group of locksmiths in Majorca, we do not offer only these services, but we also perform tasks related to metal shutters, home safety, automations and lock changes.

All our services can be requested urgently, being available 24 hours. Just call us and we will advise you on everything you need in the service and giving you a personalized quote.