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Safes opening

A safe is a secure lockable box used for securing valuable objects against theft and/or damage from fire.

There are many types of safes, but generally they are made of very resistant metals or armored. They are heavy boxes with a safe system key; This key can be changed when the owner wants, offering a higher security.

Types of safes

There is a remarkable range of safes on the market with different sizes and standards of security. Each one made for different requirements. According to their type of opening, we can find the safes in two groups:

  • Old safes, which are usually heavier and have a rotating wheel in which we enter the password to open the door.
  • Modern safes, which work with an electronic system, with a digital password by numbers or the most modern, have an alphanumeric system and the most advanced and safe, with a biometric system, it means, digital fingerprint reader, Iris reader, etc.

We can also classify them according to their opening systems, where there are several types such as:

  • Safes with main key.
  • Safes with key plus mechanical combination.
  • Safes with key plus electronic combination or motorized electronic combination.

There are safes for specific uses such as the gunsmiths, which are boxes designed exclusively to store weapons or long weapons, and their custody.

  • Approved gun vaults: Which follow the current legislation, exceeding a series of rules of the official agencies, used in arms stores or military areas.
  • Armeros no homologados: Son aquellas cajas fuertes destinadas a la custodia de armas, pero orientadas al uso privado.

There are also fireproof safes, which are made of heat resistant materials to store files, information or money protecting them in case a fire. Many of them are also resistant to humidity or water due to their hermetic characteristics.

How do we open safe boxes?

One of the main problems of the safes is blocking or lost the combination code, so it is almost impossible to access to the contents. When we try to open a safe, we must know many factors, such as the type of opening, the level of protection or the material of which it is made of.

As professional locksmiths we guarantee a quality opening, always trying to keep the safe without any damage, although there are few very difficult cases which only can be opened by destroying them.

We have the latest tools in the sector to open any safe, from drills to saw discs, which allow us to access in a record time to the contents of the boxes, always without any damage.

As in our other services, we carry out a 24-hour emergency locksmith service always attending as soon as you call us with a previous free quotation.

Our experience in the sector allows us to open all types of safes with a high-quality service.

Safes in Mallorca

Our emergency locksmiths service in Mallorca offers installation service of all types of safes, no matter the type or the opening system you want. We also offer safes opening, always trying not to destroy them, to be able to continue using them in the future.

You can contact us to let us know what type of safe you have and the service you need, so we can prepare a personalized quote and you will know the cost since the beginning.


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