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In the island of Mallorca we can find many important towns, but from the point of view of a locksmith, there are some more important than others. Having a locksmith based in Sóller help us to offer professional services with a minimum waiting time in an area with a lot of activity.

Sóller is a very touristic area for its beach, its annual events and its feast of San Bartolomé. We know that during summer period, people ask more for emergency services than in the other time of the year. And this is because more than 80% of the services are due to problems with loss, theft of keys or assaults home during holiday period. We are carefree enjoying summer and thieves know that.

Professional team of locksmiths in Sóller.


The benefits of having a locksmith based in Sóller are many: allows us to guarantee a minimum waiting time, reduction of price in displacement as we do not move from the other part of the island, and finally, our locksmiths know the local population from local business and neighbors.

In Sóller we offer all the professional locksmith services that you may need. Below you can see the services we do in the entire population, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.


Doors opening services are the most common, as it is very usual to leave the keys forgotten at home when you leave or lose them somewhere while we celebrate the festivities of the area. Making these kinds of openings is simple because there are no complications when the door is locked, and you have to break the lock.

We have experience openings any type of door and lock always with no damage to the door like we were not there at all.


To have extra security on our door, we can install security locks, which will be an extra in our security. They are very easy to install and for a very low cost, they offer a high resistance to theft.

There are two types: The locks that are used only from inside, those known as "pins", which are used only from the interior of the house. They are less secure but easier installation.

The second ones are the key locks, which are the safest of all, but their installation is more complicated. It is necessary to hole the door to install the cylinder and its mechanism.


If you notice that the lock of your house is fragile or that the keys are not secure, it would be advisable to change the lock as many thieves take advantage of this fragility to access without problems to the house. You can choose from a large number of locks available in our catalog, from more to less security, we will advise you to adjust the lock to your needs.

We work with the best brands in the locks market, so you will always have top quality material, which ensures a useful life of more than a decade.


We can offer you our very experienced locksmiths’ team with more than 15 years in the sector and always at the best price. As in all other populations, we are available 24 hours, 365 days a year and emergency services if you need us very quick.