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Instalation of automation systems

For many years the security of our homes, businesses and even ourselves is one of the main reasons for concern, that is why, over the years have been increasing the automated systems that exist to protect us. The mechanized or automatic systems have become one of the most demanded locksmith services today.

What is an automatism?

First of all, we can find automated systems of many types, but here we are going to focus on those related to the locksmith. For our systems, using a quality motor, the automatism is the movement of doors, windows and blinds. It is important that the locksmith who takes care of the job has large experience on automated systems installation.

It is possible to automate a large number of doors according to the customer's needs, since we can find a wide variety of mechanisms to offer; The garage doors, motorized blinds,

shop doors

, wheelchair access systems, windows openers and skylights, all these can be improved thanks to this automated system.

To improve and make easier the use of these systems, we find the remote controls. Among the types of controls that exist for this automation, can be with remote controls, wall buttons, security keys, or even smartphone applications that allow us to control the doors opening that we have configured.

In Antonio Coll Locksmiths, all our technicians have experience in automation, and we have the possibility to choose whether to place only the motor for the blinds opening, doors or windows, or a complete door installation with the motor.

How much does an automated system cost in Mallorca?

Before you start an automation job, whatever it is, you need to provide a full quotation on the system you want to place. First, after knowing what the client needs are, we made a small study, because as we discussed above, there are many options that can be chosen for homes or businesses.

We also insist that a previous quote should be given with different options because it would help the customer to choose the best option according to the needs, budget or availability.

Advantages of automated systems

The installation of automated systems would help us a lot improving comfort and security.

There are many companies responsible of making automation, but not as professional and specialized as we are in Antonio Coll Locksmiths. The automatism is one of the most important services for us, with the best locksmith and with our advice, you can get the best result.

An automated system helps to improve several important aspects, especially comfort and security.

Automation services in Mallorca

As home locksmith in Mallorca, we offer a wide range of automation services throughout the island, being an important part of our daily work. We are specialists in the security sector, and for that reason, our facilities are mainly oriented to improve this aspect, either at home or in the business.

As always, you can ask for a personalized quote to know the full cost for the service you need. Our customer service number is available 24 hours, where we will resolve all your doubts.

All our locksmiths in the island of Mallorca are professionals with experience in this service, so you can count on any of them, in the area you need, the 365 days of the year.


In Antonio Coll Locksmiths have a complete team of professional technicians based in different areas of the island of Majorca in order to respond quickly to emergency services.