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Master keys and cylinders

Master key system, a service that is also known in some areas as an equalization of cylinder, is a service specifically indicated for neighboring communities, single-family homes with several locks or local businesses with several workers. It becomes one of the most demanded services by these customers due to its advantages.

The master key system can offer a more orderly or detailed way of access to any type of installation. We will find several keys, each giving us access to different points of the house but there will always be a master key that will open all the doors. In this way, the authorized person or manager could access to all these areas with the same key.

We should not confuse the famous master keys which can open any door, this does not exist. What we offer is a key that opens all the locks within one group, so it is ideal for homeowners, the manager or person with more privileges.

Things to consider before have a master key

To be able to perform this type of services with quality and professionalism, Antonio Coll Locksmith recommend having a guaranteed service with experienced technicians as a badly prepared master key can cause serious problems with very expensive solutions.

We, as professional locksmiths, always carry out a previous study of the workplace before making the equalization of keys, making a plan with all the necessary information on the accesses and authorizations that will be granted, this will allow us to design an effective and functional access plan at all time.

Advantages of master keys

This type of service brings a multitude of advantages such as:

  • Apart from offering a normal master key installation, it offers an extreme security system.
  • Also, by eliminating many keys, we save space and the possibility of losing some.
  • Increase in security.
  • It offers us the possibility to prepare a plan of organization, being able to give normal keys or master ones to whom we want.

To be able to install a master key system it is necessary to have the right professional with enough experience to guarantee the service.

The master keys for the new system must be prepared, and depending on the type of service we need, they will be prepared in one way or another. For this reason, it is necessary to be very clear how it should be done because any small flaw in the design of the key will cause it to not work the right way.

Types of master Keys

Within this service we can find different types or possibilities:

  • Keyed alike system: where all the keys are identical and is ideal for single family homes, small businesses or commercial premises.
  • Simple master keys and locks: Each cylinder or lock has its key and besides this, there is a master key that will open all the locks.
  • Simple master key for principal building doors or common areas: Each user has a key allowing entry to the authorized sites, can be integrated, cylinders or locks of the house, storage room, mailbox...
  • A grand master key system is an extensive system that requires locks to be master keyed in groups, with a master key to operate all locks within its own group but no other group and has a grand master key which will operate all locks in every group.

This service requires a professional to provide good safety results.

Master key system services in Mallorca

As a professional team of locksmiths at home in Mallorca we offer in the whole island a master key service, orientated to communities of neighbors, local businesses or industrial premises.

As always, you can contact us at any time (24 hours), both by phone or mail, to inform you about everything you need and we prepare a personalized quote.


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