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One of our most important delegations is in Pollensa. This is the furthest from our principal in Palma and one of the most difficult accesses if we did not have a locksmith based there.

Every summer, Pollensa becomes a tourist area where it can almost double the population. For this reason, the level of assaults on the homes and robberies in the streets increases. According to the local police data, during the summer season, assaults on unprotected homes increase by almost 60%, which is a very serious problem to be solve.

Generally, such assaults occur because thieves know of the fragility of old locks, which are not able to resist the new types of robbery techniques. This problem can be solved very easily changing of lock by one of better quality.

Servicios profesionales de cerrajería en Pollensa.


In Pollensa we have professional technicians capable of providing any service related to the locksmith but there is always a group of services that, by circumstances, have more demand than the rest.


As we discussed, the best solution for home assaults is to improve our safety, and it begins with a good door. It is no worth having a high security door, if the lock is likely to be opened by a thief.

The thieves know very well every technique of assault like the famous bumping,


or with a credit card, a technique that, although it seems rudimentary, works without problems against old locks.

Therefore, from Antonio Coll Locksmiths recommend the installation of locks with a minimum of three security stars, which guarantee almost total protection. If we want to be totally safe, there is the possibility to install a five-star lock or total security lock, which are designed to resist all kind of techniques, ideal for luxury homes or first line of the beach home. They are the main objective of organized gangs.

In addition to this, the security locks come with anti-copy keys technology, which ensures that no one can have a replica and the possibility to access to our house without permission. This is very advisable option if we handle several keys and run the risk of misplace some.


To face these theft acts, one of the best options is to focus on the weak points of our home. These are usually exterior doors and windows, which hardly have security, because they are not made to resist extreme forces, opening them with no problems.

In the case of the windows, one of the most requested resources are the gratings, which are installed in minutes and are difficult to avoid them. Another option is to install a sturdy closure on them, preventing from opening.

Exterior doors, such as terraces or rooftops, do not have the security that the main doors can have, which makes them a main objective for thieves. To do this, apart from a sturdy door, you have to focus on the type of lock.


Apart from all the security services we discussed, we also perform common locksmith services, such as door openings, 24 hours with the option of emergency services on request, in which we will attend you as soon as possible.

Other services are the automated systems such as openings, repair, motorization and installation, safes opening and vehicles opening.


As a group of professional locksmiths in Mallorca, we compromise to go to your location immediately, ensuring a fast and quality service in Pollensa and surroundings. We offer as always, an adjusted quote to your problem and an availability of 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Call us for more information to our customer phone number.