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All types of door lock opening

Given our busy lifestyle and work, we are more likely to misplace the keys, forget them at home or suffer key theft, one of the problems that can give us the most headache when we need to revolve it.

Fortunately, the locksmith industry has evolved a lot in recent years, which allows us to offer quicker and safer door openings, even without damaging door or lock.

An expert locksmith in door opening has to offer three basic points, which are: emergency service, large experience and high-quality tools. With this, it will be possible to offer a very good quality and fast opening, allowing to return the calm to the client.

Emergency door-opening service

The emergency, in door opening, is one of the most important aspects, if not the most, in this service. Ensuring that the customer can re-enter at home or store is our priority, that is why we make sure that everything is in order to be ready when such a service arises. Antonio Coll Locksmiths is a big team with many technicians working on the island, which allows us to arrive in a short time to any location.

We are aware of that our emergency service clients want to know the real cost of this service, especially because there are many stories about the locksmith's guild that make distrust, so it is important to have a previous quotation, always informing of the price and not hiding possible extras, practice very common among many locksmiths and which it is necessary to be prevented.

Expert door-openings locksmiths

Opening door is a service that, although it may seem simple, is more complex than we can imagine. A locksmith is faced with many problems when opening a door.

You must consider the type of lock, whether safety or not, the door system, armoured, armored... The cylinder, reinforced, anti-picking, with shield, etc.

That is why Antonio Coll Locksmiths offer a wide experience in all types of doors, locks and cylinder, with a developed technique over the years that allows us to open a door without having to break it and saving time and extras.

Quality Tools

When you are opening a door, having a good tool is one of the most important things, allowing us to do it easier, faster and less destructive way.

We have the best tools in the sector, specially designed for this purpose, such as picks, drills or special plates for all types of doors and locks, this way, the door will be perfect, and if you need to replace the lock, we'll place one that will last for at least a decade.

The experience, technique and skills of the locksmith are the most important points to carry out the opening.

Doors opening in Mallorca

Considering all the above, we can say that our locksmiths company in Palma de Mallorca meets all the points to guarantee the best door opening service in the island. We count with the best professional locksmith, available to cover any service, anywhere, in towns such as Manacor, Pollensa, Llucmajor or Calvia.

As always, we are available to help you and inform you about everything you need, from a quotation to book first appointment to do a non-urgent door opening. Call us to our 24-hour customer service number.


In Antonio Coll Locksmiths have a complete team of professional technicians based in different areas of the island of Majorca in order to respond quickly to emergency services.