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The reason we have a delegation of our locksmiths in Llucmajor is very simple. One of the most interesting qualities of Majorca is the diversity that exists among all its populations, from the tourist areas of coast to interior area. And diversity not only resides in this but in the way of life of its people, which makes all the local businesses adapt to it. The locksmith sector is no less. We, as a company, must observe what are the population needs and offer them a quality service.

As it could not be less, in Llucmajor, we have a locksmith based in this area, so we can offer a quick service at the same time as professional and high quality.

Full service of locksmith in Llucmajor.


As we said, each population require a different kind of services. In the case of Llucmajor, being an indoor population, we provide with the following services:


The opening door service that we can find in Llucmajor are mainly due to forgetfulness or distractions. More than 60% of the customers who call us to open the doors are due to misplace the keys or to be locked out their homes. This is a good sign, as it is not like on the coast, where the thieves are the main reason.

As with the rest of our services, when we open a door, we do follow quality standards and always with emergency service included, which means that we response to your call immediately and you won’t need to wait for a long time.

With the opening services, we also give you an instant quotation, as we understand that knowing the full cost of the service beforehand is very important for our clients.

If in any of the opening jobs is necessary, we also can change the lock, to avoid future problems if you have been a victim of thief. We work with the best locks in the sector, so no one can ever enter your home again.


As strange as it may seem, one of the most requested services in the Llucmajor area is the installation of home and local business automate systems. Not only to place it but also to repair or to update the already installed systems.

One of the options that clients request is to install motors in the home blinds, because it makes them much easier and more comfortable to use. In addition, with the new models, apart from handling them from a remote control or from a switch, thanks to the new domotics, the automatic blinds have smartphone applications that can control them from any point of the house or outside, with internet connection, which allows to program schedules for this.

We also offer automated doors and windows, ideal to make easier our lives as we can control them at any time and from anywhere in the house.


Besides the doors opening, blinds opening and the locking changing, we also carry out services like the installation of metal blinds, all type of safes opening, master keys, maintenance services

Call us to see your problem and we will guide you to the best way to solve it.


We have a locksmith in Llucmajor because it is one of the important towns of the island of Mallorca. A strategic point where there is a high demand of our services and where we want to arrive in the shortest possible time. That is why one of our locksmiths is based in this town. Also, from Llucmajor we have the possibility to move easily to other nearby populations covering an important radius.

All our locksmith services in Llucmajor are carried out by professional technicians with more than 15 years of experience in the sector. As in all other areas, we always seek to offer superior quality of service and, above all, affordable prices, so you do not pay more than necessary.

For services in Llucmajor you can contact us on our 24hour customer phone number, where we will attend any time during the day and any day of the year, always attentive to your needs.