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Lock and cylinder changing

The lock is the most important part of the door, and therefore, the safest in order to avoid access to strangers. The locks have evolved over the years, just like the techniques of thieves. Therefore we always recommend having a last generation lock at home, so you can stop whoever wants to try.

Change the lock does not have to be done only if we lose or the keys have been stolen, we must bear in mind that security locks are a safe bet, as they guarantee immunity against the leading theft techniques, including the famous bumping which still in use because more than half of the locks installed in Mallorca are vulnerable. With this method, any thief can enter to the house in a couple of minutes, without trace in the lock, and the most important, without alerting anyone, as they enter with a couple of blows.

A high-end lock, for example, has some springs and pin systems inside that prevent bumping, so this avoid someone to enter using this way. Another reason why we recommend a lock changing is the key. Many of the old keys can be copied easily, there are even locks that can be opened with "Magic keys", so avoid this is very important.

Which lock is the best?

From Antonio Coll Locksmiths recommend choosing a high-end lock. They may cost more money when it comes to installing them, but they ensure a longer lifespan, as well as complete security against theft or assault. Also, they won’t break easily as they are designed to last decades.

It is important to identify the most common type of assault in the area, since the farms and houses of urbanization usually have the same type of locks, these are all vulnerable to bumping or drilling and we need to install a lock to meet the needs. We will to a security study of your door and house, so you get exactly what you need, no more, no less.

Doors we work with

The doors, like the locks, are many types. The most common, apart from the solid wood doors or armoured doors. However, having a safe door does not guarantee the safety of the lock, so we offer locks available to all types of door, the simplest, the most complex.

Apart from this, we also work with lock conversion kits, which allows you to change the most vulnerable old lock and move to a new european profile lock without having to change the whole door, which saves a lot of time and money to the client.

More than half of the locks installed in Mallorca do not have the necessary security systems.

Lock changing in Mallorca

As a locksmith company in Mallorca, we guarantee a lock changing service of great quality, working with important brands like Dierre, Tesa, Ezcurra... We also offer a security study of your current lock, as well as your door, and a free personalized quotation so you can choose the best option for your home.

Secure your home and your family by changing to a sturdy and safe lock. You can contact us at any time to request our services. We will go to your home or business to prepare a quote and talk about everything you need. We do lock changing everywhere around the island of Majorca.


In Antonio Coll Locksmiths have a complete team of professional technicians based in different areas of the island of Majorca in order to respond quickly to emergency services.